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Description of this Site

What is C-Wiki?

            C-Wiki Is Wiki's category enhanced system .
             Anyone can update the page (articles) of the site you created. (Site creator can also set to not update)
            Anyone can edit it like a wiki, it can be divided into categories freely, making it ideal for creating sites that put together information.
            By writing an article you can get remuneration according to the number of views.
             Revolutionary system where rewards are generated even by adding only a small addition to existing articles.
            C-Wiki can also be created from 1, so you can customize header images, menu positions and various color settings.
            By setting the wiki to private, you can also create your own wiki for recording.
            Please refer to the sample from C-Wiki List etc.
Creating Site

I want to make C-Wiki from 1!

            In addition to editing C-Wiki Articles, you can also create a new C-Wiki.
            By creating C-Wiki It is possible to make your favorite site composition.
            The creation method is as follows.
                    1.   top page or here Create New C-Wiki ] button.
                    2.   Describe C-Wiki name and top page content. In addition, set the header image, menu position, etc. and press the Write button. * These settings can be changed later.
            C-Wiki Once you become the creator, you can delete articles created by other users in that site.
            * Please note that creation of C-Wiki Can not be done unless you are logged in.

Tweet Tag

            Once you set tweet tags, Tweet will be automatically started with tags set from C-Wiki's Twitter account each time you create an article.
            (Tweet with the default tag even if you do not set the ※ tag)
            To set multiple tags, please enter comma separator.
            The setting example is as follows.
            Example: Game, Strategy

Nothing is displayed on the menu!

            Let's make articles.             It is automatically added to the menu.             

I want to see a list of my own C-Wiki!

            You can confirm by logging in and clicking " My Page " at the top of the site.
About Article

What is an article?

            C-Wiki Refers to the created page as article .
             Articles can be created, updated, and referenced by anyone. (The site creator can also set update of article etc. to be impossible.)
            By creating articles under the article, you can easily categorize the articles into articles.
            [Example] Create an article called "soccer" under the article "sports".
                In this case, "sports" is parent article , "soccer" is child article .

How can I find articles?

            You can search articles in the following three ways.
            1. Refer to the   side menu item list.
            2.   Use the search function.
            3.   Transit from article to article.

Writing Article

Tell me how to make an article!

            There are two ways to make articles.
              ■ First way of making
              1.   Open the parent article .
              2.   【 Create Child Article 】 button.
              3.   Describe the title and contents of the article and press the Write button.
              ■ Second way of making
              1.   Open the article at the hierarchy where you want to create an article
                    ※ Hierarchy is "1" for the top page, "2" for the child, "3" · · · for the child.
              2.   【 Create Article in Same Hierarchy 】 button.
              3.   Describe the title and contents of the article and press the Write button.



What is SEO title?

SEO Title is the display name in the search engine.
It is also used as page title when displaying articles.
Let's name it as easy as possible to hit search.
※ If you do not enter it, SEO Title will be added automatically.


What is display order?

            The display order is the list display order of articles with the same parent article.
            ※ First you do not have to be conscious of much. If you use it, I understand it as nature.
             Academic (parent article)
                    Math (in display order 1)
                    History (display order 2)
                    science (display order 3)
             Sports (parent article)
                    Football (Display order 1)
                    Baseball (display order 2)
                    basketball (displayed order 3)

How can I update articles?

             □ How to update articles
            1.   Open the article to be updated.
            2. Press the   Update This Article button.
            3. Update the title and contents of the   article and press the Update button.
             □ About advanced settings
            With advanced settings you can change parent article.
            1.   Open the article to be updated.
            2. Press the   Update This Article button.
            3. Press the   【 ▼ Advanced Settings ▼ 】 button.
            4.   Press the Change button next to the parent article.
            5.   Enter the title of the parent article to change and press the Search button.
            6.   Since matching titles are displayed, select the corresponding parent article and press the Setting button.
            7. Press the   【 Update button.
            * The entry field of the display order is automatically set in the display order at the end of the parent article.             
* This function can not be used unless you are logged in.

How to return to the past version

            1.   Open the article to be updated.
            2. Press   【 ▼ Show article info ▼ 】.
            3. Press the number of   【 Old Version 】.
            4. Press the   【 Revert To This Version 】 button.
* This function can not be used unless you are logged in.

How to see the differences of the article?

1.  Open the target article.
2.  Press【Article Difference

It is troublesome to write similar articles many times ....

            There are two solutions.
             ①.   Using templates
                    For templates, please refer to the item 【How to use templates] .
             ②.   Use article copy function
                      1.   Open article creation or article update screen.
                    2.   【 Select Article to be Copied 】 button.
                    3.   Since search results are displayed, select the target article to be copied and press the Copy button.
                    4.   Contents.

I want to delete an article

             □ How to delete articles
            1.   Open the article to be deleted.
            2. Press the   Delete This Article button.
            3. On the   Delete Confirmation screen, press the Yes button.
             □ Article delete condition
            It can be deleted only when the following conditions are satisfied.
            Condition 1:   You are logged in
            Condition 2:   It is the creator of the article to be deleted or the creator of the site
            Condition 3:   There is no child article in the article to be deleted
            If the deletion condition is not satisfied, please clarify the reason for deletion and ask the administrator.
How to Earn Rewards

How can I make money?

            When you create or update an article, you can obtain coin according to the number of views.
            COIN Can cash at My Page.
            Please confirm the exchange rate with My Page.
            To earn rewards please create a user and make sure to log in and edit articles without fail.


How can I earn efficiently?

            Let's stock as much as much as possible good quality articles or good information freshness articles .
            Because you get reward according to the number of views, it is advantageous to create an article that you can see for a long period of time.
            It is also good to write a trend article by prioritizing the freshness of information.


How can you apply for cash payment?

            First of all, please press User Setting button of My Page To enter bank information.
            Next, press Cash Coins ] button of My Page To apply for cash payment.
            The minimum application amount is from 5,000Dollar.
            Please note that you can not apply for the next application until it is approved.
            We basically approve applications within one month.
            Sorry to trouble you, but if you do not receive payment within one week from approval, please take a moment to contact C-Wiki Administrator Inquiry Please inquire.
Current exchange rate(COIN : Application Amount )    1 : 0.005        
Distribution of Rewards

What happens to distribution of reward if you edit multiple articles?

            Edit the article Compensation is distributed according to contribution .
            Logic of contribution degree is not disclosed because there is fear that it can be abused.
            If you do not want to distribute the fee, create a site and change the editing authority to "Site Creator Only".


What happens to distribution when vandalism comes out?

            Please clearly notify you if you have Repeat users repeatedly update meaningless for renewal purposes (renewal or renewal only by changing a few characters) .
            When the report is approved, remuneration will be distributed with the exception of the recipient.
            However, because obviously can not be accredited as vandalism, we will not suspend the account, so if you are editing an article as usual it will not be dangerous to stop your account Please be assured.


How do you report?

            Below the content of the article there are "Article Info" And "Old Version" Buttons.
            When you press the button, there are items of article creator and updater, please press the user name displayed there.
            Since the user information screen is displayed, please press the "To Report" Button to the right of the user name.
About Editor

※In the case of smartphones, some functions can not be used. please note that.


I want to paste an image on an article!


            1.   Press the Select file button to select the image.
            2.   Enter the width and height of the image.
            3. Press the   【 Image upload 】 button. The image will be uploaded to 【 Contents 】.

I want to add a headline!

              After selecting the part you want to make a headline, press the "Format" button and select "Heading".
              At first glance it will only become bold, but posting an article can confirm that it is an appearance for the headline.

I want to make a table!

            1.   Press the button.
            2. The   table setting screen opens, so let's specify the number of rows and the number of columns. Press the OK button to create the table.

I want to add a color to the table!

            1.   With the selected cell of the created table selected, right click and select Cell -> Cell Property .
            2.   The Cell Properties screen opens. Press the Color Selection button in the Background Color item.
            3.   Select a color and press the OK button. You can color the cell by pressing the OK button on the Cell Properties screen.

I want to paste a link!

            1. button while selecting the character you want to link.
            2.   The Hyperlink screen opens. Select the protocol, enter the URL and press the OK button. A link is placed on the letters.

I want to paste a video of YOUTUBE!

            1.   Press the button.
            2.   Paste the embed code and press the OK button to paste the movie.

I want to thicken the letters!

            1.   Select the character you want to thicken and press the button to thicken the text.

I want to add color to letters!

            1.   Select the character you want to color and press the button.
            2.   When you select a color, the letters are colored.
How to use templates

What is a template?

            By saving a similar phrase as a template, you can use it immediately when creating or updating articles.

Can I make templates myself?

            can make.
            Since there are buttons [ Create Template ] and [ Update Template ] on the screen displaying the article, Please do.
Prohibited Matter

Do you have prohibitions?

            The following actions are prohibited.
                · Repeat Repeat to create or update meaningless articles.
                · Repeat articles in Purpose to Increase Views .
· Write articles on adult content.
            In some cases you may take legal measures if you break the prohibited matter. Please be careful.
            ※ Please do not worry because there is no problem at all for editing and browsing normally.
            It is only in extreme cases.

How to register a user Tell me

            1.   【 User Registration ] button.
            2.   Please enter user name, password, e-mail address etc.
            3. Press the   Register button.
            4.   Registration e-mail will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.
            5.   Please press the URL of the e-mail for registration. Registration is completed.
            Registered users can also use other sections, but they can not be used in other languages. Please be careful.

Where do you login?

            1. Press the   【 Login 】 button.
            2.   Please enter your user name or e-mail address and password.
            3. Press the   Login button.

Where is my page?

            After logging in it will appear in the upper right of the screen.             

Tell me about the time zone!

            The time zone is set based on the language of the site.
            If you want to change the time zone, create a user and set the appropriate time zone.